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What Should I Do??? Help Pls :(?

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What Should I Do??? Help Pls :(?

Postby Prince » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:12 pm


2. I am Sikh and he is Pakistani boy

3. He is junior in college and I'm sophomore in college.

4. I am the only indian girl on his FB list rest are 100 boys.

5. He clicked like on my entire prom album not every picture but the whole album.

6. He gave me his number when I asked him and I gave him mine but he did not ask .

7. I asked him why don't have that many girls on FB he said he does not need girls? But I said why did u add me. I said I am your friend right....he said yea. I also asked him does he like chatting with me he said yea.

8. We were in same class in HS but not friends. I send him a FB request.

9. I wished him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great one. He wrote thanks on his wall? that was the only time he commented back.

10. When it was Diwali. he wished me online and I said same to you...happy diwali.

11. So when it was EID he posted it on his status. Then I send him a message on FB. Eid mubarak and he said same to u eid mubarak.

12. On the first of college I saw him while I was going to my class. I waved at him and said Hi. He just smile walking down the hallway with his guy friend.

13. I send him a message that we should hangout in college sometime he did not reply to it. But he chat with me on FB.

14. In the summer one day he saw me on fb at 3:00 am. Ask me what am I doing up? I said not sleeping yet, then he signed off

15. In the summer we chatted at 1 or 2 hours at 2:00am we did that twice.

I saw him with my guy friend in cafe they were buying lunch. I did not see them until my guy friend said my name.But this guy just said wat's up to me and smiled. I said Hi and waved at him. when I was in the library I speed walk by one room I saw him with his friends. I smiled at him. He smiled back.If I comment on his wall he does not comment back or delete those comments but leaves it? I just send him a message on FB to ask him what time should I call him tmr. He said he only messages girls and not talk with them on phone. I said to him don't be shy from me. I said I used to be shy from you lol. I feel like you don't like me and don't want to be my friend. Then he said no it's not and I am not shy

1 week ago I was driving on the highway to go college I think he saw me driving. he was driving fast.But when we reached college. We parked little bit far from eachother then went to our classes. I don't think we saw eachother? Then I send him message on FB. lolll I saw you today...you were driving fast. Were u getting late for ur class. After that I txted him on his cell and asked him did you get my message on FB. he said yea and he replied to the message. That's just how I drive. After 1 hr he texted me on my cell wat car was I driving? I told him toyota camry. I said don't you drive one too. He said yea and that was you? Just be careful cause there was a cop. Then I replied back to him We'll see eachother on highway sometimes lolll. Was that stupid to say that. Thanks I will cya good night.

2 days ago I send him a text at 10:45am I said Hey what's up. He repiled back at 12:30 said going to work and u? I said I got out of psychology class....so after 3 hrs I send him a text do you buy book at library or online... He replied back at the library. Then I send him a txt are you still at work. He reply back I went there for little while. I said that I saw this nice car, he replied which one. Then I txt him blue mercedes. he did not text me back after that..... he did not even text thats nice car or something like that??? TODAY AGAIN I SAW HIM ON HIGHWAY, HE WAS DRIVING FAST, HE CAME INFRONT OF MY CAR AND SPEED UP. Then I also speed up going behind his car.
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What Should I Do??? Help Pls :(?

Postby Rangford » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:23 am

im not reading all that
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