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If You Could Build A Mad Max Vehicle...?

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If You Could Build A Mad Max Vehicle...?

Postby Forbes » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:11 am

To be your mode of transportation in the post-apocalyptic world like in The Road Warrior, what would you build? Lets say it has to be based on real parts, weapons, etc. and has to be a land based vehicle...

I thought this would be fun.
I'm just gonna stick with a basic car for an example:

All black 1972 Ford LTD sedan

- Heavy duty grille guard with fog lights

- Tire ruining spikes on wheels

- Forward fixed, hood mounted .50 cal machine guns with interior firing switch

- Bullet resistant glass

- Rear smoke screens

- Steel armored body and reinforced chassis

- Twin turbo 429 V8 with 700hp and 150hp nitrous shot

- Cobra 6-speed manual transmission

- Rear seats taken out for storage
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