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2013 Ktm Sx-f 250 Vs 2013 Ktm Sx-f 350?

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2013 Ktm Sx-f 250 Vs 2013 Ktm Sx-f 350?

Postby Jarrod » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:03 am

I'm thinking about getting a new bike. It's between a 2013 KTM SX-F 250 and the 350 but I have also thought about a 2013 crf 250r. My first choice is the 2013 KTM SX-F 350... they say it has the handling of a 250 with power close to a 450, which I like. My mom has me researching the differences between the 250 and 350 wanting to know if there's much difference.. considering the 250 is cheaper but only by $800 which isn't a big deal. I've always had Honda and don't have a ton of knowledge on KTM's. Does anybody have more knowledge on these to bikes and could tell me about them? I am a 17 year old amateur female and curently race a 2009 crf250r.
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2013 Ktm Sx-f 250 Vs 2013 Ktm Sx-f 350?

Postby Ballard » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:54 am

2013 Ktm 250 Sx
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2013 Ktm Sx-f 250 Vs 2013 Ktm Sx-f 350?

Postby Anoki » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:44 pm

If you want to rebuild the bike every time you ride it, go with the 300
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2013 Ktm Sx-f 250 Vs 2013 Ktm Sx-f 350?

Postby Burhdon » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:26 am

No 350 made has the power of a good 450, it is down on capacity. Would you notice the difference anyhow? Does it really matter? An expert rider would notice but would an average rider on a 350 say it is half way between a 250 and a 450? I doubt it.

As for "the handling of a 250 and the power of a 450" that would be quoting a brochure from KTM, they fail to mention the strength needed to merely hang onto it if it was the same weight bike. That would make the 250 class obsolete, wouldn't it?

For the extra races you could ride in a day I would either stick with what you have and spend some money on the suspension or go for the 250 SXF KTM... For me, I would spend some money on the Honda suspension, you will feel the improvement....
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